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Letter from the BaranwalMatrimony.org

Our mission and working model ? 

"Reach every section of the society using our coolest and simplest high end technologies."

"Too much complexities and cost on existing matrimony sites to find a suitable life partner", We want to break that mindset by reaching every section of the society irrespective whether they are rich, poor, technocrats, non-technocrats, village, town.

Our working model is  Register, Resell, Invite & Help. 


Our achievement and proof of concept ? 

We have proved that a top quality matrimony site can be run successfully without being too commercial. Just type "Baranwal Matrimony" in google and check our existing site for Baranwals. We are number one for Baranwal caste and we want to do the same for all communities.

We have built a site which is extremely simple to use, fast and secured.

7 months of free premium+ for initial few members (other than Baranwal)Click Here to Select Your Cast & Register

In future, there is no enforcement for payment to get the Premium+ access. If you can't afford, just write to us and we will happily provide the Premium+ for you after discussing your financial situation.


Reason to build another site 

At present, most of the popular sites are very complex, difficult to use and very costly. Those sites has put the benefits to those people who are good in technology and can pay a big amount to get premium access.

We want to break that concept and want to give the control of life of common people into their own hand. To understand what we are saying, please Register here and get 7 months of free premium+ membership. 


Website Down between 09th July to 13th July 

Due to some technical issue, our website was down for 4 days. This was due to Yahoo (Our Domain registrar) who were not able change the IP Address within the required time frame of 12 hours. Apology for the inconveniece to all the respected members. 



Benefits for You:

  • Confirmed 1 Week of Priority Profile/Profile of the week (2 invites any caste and 5 facebook likes anyone, 1000 INR Equivalent).
  • Confirmed 1 month of Unlimited Premium+ (5 invites any caste and 10 facebook likes anyone).
  • Confirmed 2 months of Unlimited Premium+ (10 Invites any caste and 10 facebook likes anyone).
  • 20% of cash or cash equivalent for each invited paid member (Upto 500 INR for each invite).
  • All your Invites are recorded at My Invites. Here you will come to know when they register and you can send reminders also.

    Benefits for Invited Members:

  • 7 months of free Premium+ services for initial few members (For all castes except Baranwal).
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • View unlimited phone numbers.
  • Unlimited Add members to Favourites List
  • Unlimited Send email via Express Interest
  • See who is interested in your profile and vice-versa and also mutual interests.
  • Add/Edit your own comments for Expressed Interest/Maintain your diary for each profile.
  • Add/Edit your own comments for Favourite members/Maintain your diary for each profile.

  • Invite Form