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I just found one interesting link on wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bihari_people

Also updated about few prominent members from Baranwal Community sent by community members.


The Baranwal Community was started by King Ahivarn, whose ancestors had moved to a place called Ahar in North India. Ahivaran renamed the Ahar kingdom after himself as "Varn-sahar" (identified with modern Bulandshahar in present day Western UP). He called his subjects as Varnwal, a term that distorted to Barnwal over the years.

The city of BulandShahar (literal meaning - High City, due to being situated at a high place) derives its name from the fort of Barnwals located at a very high mound/ hillock. The old name 'Baran' can be still be traced in the old Government documents.

Ahivaran was a Suryavanshi Kshatriya who was the 21st descendant of Empror Mandhata, the ruler of Ayodhya. According to the mythological Mahalakshmi Vrat Katha, Ahivarn, the son of King Parmaal, and the King Agrasen (son of King Vallabh) belonged to the same lineage. According to a treatise called Jaati Bhaskar, Mandhata had two sons, Gunadhi and Mohan. Parmaal was the descendant of Gunadhi, while Vallabh was the descendant of Mohan.

It is said that there are 36 gotras in Barnwals. Some of the gotras of Barnwals like Garg and Goyal overlap with the gotras of Agarwals though other gotras like Kashyap, Maurya etc are specific to Rajputs.

Another forthright opinion comes from Mahapandit Rahul Sankrityayan, the great historian and wanderer of India, in his groundbreaking book, 'Volga se Ganga Tak', in which he has commented that many communities, including Agarwals & Baranwals who have become part of the Vaishya class of the Hindu religion,due to migration and a search of identity in the new land were 'Yaudheya'. 'Yaudheyas' were militant communities, mainly from modern western UP, Haryana and some parts of Rajasthan, who were the founders of most ancient Republics of world. It is informed that these Republics were repeatedly persecuted by bigger Kings and Emperors from across the Indus, who felt that such Republics were posing danger to their regional dominance. After repeated persecution by the Muslim rulers of Delhi, all these Yaudheya communities dispersed to Eastern India and due to their knowledge of western Indian routes, they took up the trading from western India including Modern Pakistan and even from Afghanistan and other countries. These circumstances transformed these communities from 'Yaudheya' to 'Vaishya'.

Some the Barnwals who were Zamindars and had received the title of Rai Bahadur during the British rule in India, rightly adopted the Singh surname. Many Barnwals have adopted generic surnames such as Lal, Gupta, Prasad, Anand, Prakash & the ubiquitous Kumar in order to socialize and intermingle with the society. Many Barnwals married into other merchant communities such as Agrawals and Jains. Now a days the current generation is moving to private jobs mostly in IT fields and various women are now opting for service oppourtunities.Mostly barnwals are based in the northern india like UP (East) mostly,Bihar,jharkahnd, west bengal and some other parts of india. Some Barnwals have achieved great ranks in competitive exams. Example

  Mr. Sunil Kumar Barnwal, IAS, Bihar Cadre, 1st Rank in All India Civil Services Examination -1996, India

  Mr. ShithiKanth Kumar Barnwal, IIT-JEE 2008 Topper, bags gold at International Physics Olympiad

  Mr. Vikash Barnwal IIT-JEE 2001 Rank 38, CAT 2005 99.99 percentile

  Mr. Manoj Priyadarshi, Sr. Sub Editor, Nayee Dunia Hindi News Paper

  Mr. Dipak Kumar Baranwal (Raja), Sub Editor, Rastriya Sahara, Noida, India

  Mr. Amit Baranwal ADM Malda (On study leave) IAS Officer Govt Of West Bengal

  Mr. Shri Arvind Prasad, IAS (Secretary, Govt of India)

  Mr. Ashok Barnwal, IAS (1991),

  Er. A.P.Baranwal, renowned professional architect in Gorakhpur for last two decades.

  Santosh Kumar Barnwal. Student IIT MADRAS.

  Vaibhav Barnwal, GEN in IIT-JEE 2007

  Rajesh Barnwal, Editor - AlooTechie.com

  Munna Baranwal, MLA Jharkhand

  Pankaj Barnwal, MLA Jharkhand

  Vikas Baranwal, a PostDoctoral researcher from National Oceanography Centre (NOC


  Dr. Shri Prakash Baranwal widely regarded as pioneer of the Acupressure holistic Movement in India, the founder chief secretary of Indian Council of Acupressure yoga, Director in chief, International Board of Alternative Medicine & Naturopathy, Founder secretary of Budh Acupressure yoga naturopathy vidyapith and founder of “Shri Acupressure yantra” for health and “Shri Yantra” for wealth and happiness. Dr. Shri Prakash Baranwal is also an internationally renowned Acupressure Massage Practioner, an organizer, author and visiting Professor of open International university for complimentary medicine, Colombo(Srilanka) and Life Patron of ISCKON. Dr. Shri Prakash Baranwal is chief editor of Acupressure yoga Darshan and Life Member of Bihar State Council for Child Welfarea Raj Bhawan, Bihar, He is also a author of Acupressure Book besides having articles published in leading News papers and magazines of the country and has also actively participated in number of National and international conferences.

  Suananda Baranwal, Director of Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan and Bidaai.

  Mr Shatrughan Barnwal, Additional Advocate General, Jharkhand.

Birendra Kumar Barnwal, writer of a book on Jinnah, Jinnah ek punardrishti, which caused L.K.Advani to resign

  Sumit kumar, IPS,  2009,  WB cadre

  Deepak Baranwal, IPS, 2010,  Bihar Cadre

  Kishor Kaushal, IPS, 2012 Jharkhand Cadre

  Varun Kumar, IAS, 2014 Jharkhand Cadre

  Mrityunjay Baranwal, IAS, Jharkhand Cadre

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